BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Baaaaah ...

Here I am again, stealing ideas from other people and/or jumping onto passing LJ bandwagons ...

The current instance of this is an idea that scottks came up with, that of putting one's LJ user number in one's icon instead of the name (his is 7216 ... I got here even earlier, being the 2,663rd person to get an LJ account ... out of 663,932 total current users). Of course, I just couldn't leave the name out, so both are there, along with a lovely bit of view from my livngroom! I'm not changing my "default" icon, so will probably just use this for comments, but here it is ...

Once again, I do wish they'd give a few more slots for paid users ... it kills me to have to "retire" one of my other 10 when I get a new idea for an icon!

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