BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So damned depressed ...

Shit ... this crap comes up unexpectedly.

Today I stayed home from school in order to get Daughter #1 registered for 1st grade (the public schools seem to think that registration can only happen from 9:30-noon, which blew my day). That was a typical govt. paperwork festival, requiring us to return home mid-way through to find more "proof" of where we lived (where I've lived for 21+ years now!). Afterwards we just made it (I hate the bus being late when I'm on a tight schedule) to see SpyKids2 ... which was pretty good. The afternoon went downhill from there ... somehow there are always 18 things waiting to take up the available time and whatever one of them I choose to work on ends up totally fucked.

So, I hate everything, am mad at the world and frustrated to hell. Then we go shopping for her school supplies. More spiralling into the Pits Of Hell ensues ... including picking up Daughter #2 who has been trying out for the Worst Of The Terrible Twos award. And, of course, once I get home it's the chorus of "can't you do this now?" "why didn't you get this done?" "when will that be finished?" etc. Throw in some physical abuse (all my family thinks it is hilarious to tickle/goose me when I'm half asleep so that I get a screaming leg cramp ... "oooh ... watch Daddy jump!") and I was looking very seriously at a secondary use for the kitchen cutlery .... let the bitches wake up to find that Daddy had re-decorated the fucking house with his intestines!

How come things ONLY GET WORSE? Fucking Hell ...

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