BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Three of Twelve

I'm feeling a might sheepish about the titling on these ... I was "out of pattern" in terms of dealing with the poems, so the phase where things usually get a title slapped on them was sort of just blown through after the fact ... as anybody reading these would be able to tell (uh, IS anybody reading these?) I pretty much just grabbed a line from each poem for its title.

Sorry ... no refunds.

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                    LOST, UNCHARTED

                    so many things forgotten
                    so much that we have lost
                    there is a breakdown
                    within the system
                    that effect all lines
                    no connection for belief
                    no basis for a trust
                    age creeps in
                    where anguish touches
                    slowing, damaging,
                    pressing aside
                    to zones of nothing,
                    pointless waiting
                    for an ending
                    and the invading shade
                    all things find darkness
                    in these days;
                    sleeping, sickness,
                    conspire to steal
                    our hours from us
                    weakness chop-blocks
                    leaving us writhing
                    unable to stand
                    there is no promise here
                    just pitiful dreams
                    of the lowest form
                    the common fantasies
                    of the senseless mob;
                    all goodness bleeds
                    into unholy pools
                    of loss and despair
                    such are the doldrums
                    the spaces awaiting
                    the whirlpool draw
                    to final downflows
                    and cold crushing depths
                    we have no vectors
                    or means to move
                    we are lost, uncharted

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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