BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Five of Twelve

Oh, look ... that's the last (the first?) of August ... if you were paying attention (yeah, RIGHT) you would have noticed that there was a big ugly week-long gap with no poems in there (waitaminute ... you say a week with no poems is LESS ugly than a week with 'em???). Yep. I'm a big stupid failure. I know it. Don't rub it in ... DAMMMIT!

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                    BITES BACK AS HARD

                    the churning within
                    the swirling without
                    we have no stability
                    no inner stance
                    no outer grasp
                    all is tumbling
                    frantic flalings
                    against the tide
                    these gears do not mesh
                    their spinning breaks
                    the whole machine
                    who placed this cog
                    within those workings?
                    it's not to spec
                    and sure to damage
                    all that it nears
                    too many accidents occur
                    to be just accidental
                    too many twists to fate
                    to not suppose
                    a hand turning those strings
                    with ill intent
                    malefic meaning
                    and desire to cause our death
                    no anchors now
                    we are storm tossed
                    between events
                    without a map
                    without a plan
                    denied the guidance
                    of the very stars
                    which gave us life
                    frustration simmers
                    all days roil on a slow boil
                    we skirt the edge of violence
                    in all our acts
                    ever ready to explode
                    in that blue-eyed destiny
                    that no one knows
                    but would consume the world

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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