BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Six of Twelve

OK, this is coming right along ... we're half way there, you lucky people!

Just think about the BRIGHT SIDE of my poems .... YOU don't have to EXPERIENCE the emotional states that cause these puppies to spew out like this ... you can just rubberneck their morbid carnage as you surf on by on the information highway!

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                    EACH TURN MORE DAMAGED

                    dreams form from loss
                    from histories bled
                    out of our past
                    and into the void
                    these things are stolen
                    and can't be regained
                    ripped from our being
                    and somehow destroyed
                    too many states gel
                    around those absences
                    too much sorrow
                    drills into the soul
                    too great an anguish
                    burrows beneath day
                    we have no defenses
                    no sure means to cope
                    we watch the echoes
                    of our own pain
                    erupt in present frames
                    and worry if the scars
                    will heal better now
                    or if our torment
                    passes down the line
                    to touch the innocent
                    horrid visions dance
                    within enfolding night
                    terrors of the theft
                    of cherished bits of youth
                    erased from the mind
                    torn from our grasp
                    never to give comfort
                    or be with us again
                    we spiral into this
                    lower and lower
                    sadder and sadder
                    darker and darker
                    each turn more damaged
                    each level more desperate
                    every day less likely
                    to every break the spin

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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