BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Eight of Twelve

"727 comin' out of the sky ..." I just love those "Boeing dates".

Anybody out there in my little corner of LJ land that's from Montreal? I'm heading up there ("I'm leeeeeaving on a jetplane ...") two weeks from today to go to my cousin's wedding. I'm already practicing new ways to mangle French!

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                    NO POINT TO SURVIVAL

                    too many places of pain
                    too many points of decay
                    we are crushed in vices
                    forever pressurizing day
                    ground down under masses
                    unrelenting, unforgiving
                    driven before storm fronts
                    of constant brutal attack
                    fog banks of exhaustion
                    roll over us, dimming
                    our focus, our presence,
                    our ability to be
                    within the moment, here;
                    we drift beneath
                    these unexpected sleeps
                    glad that we don't drive
                    nothing's ever enough
                    to stem the tide
                    of vile occurrence
                    and dire events
                    all we have defending
                    are empty dreams, denied,
                    and pitiful hopes
                    rodent-like, so basic
                    darkness showers on the plain
                    no place to avoid immersion
                    we are beset with doom
                    and filled with doubt
                    the torrent runs unyielding
                    sweeping away all light
                    all hope for tomorrow
                    all belief in self
                    we sink to abysses
                    dark in crushing cold
                    we have lost everything
                    of value above
                    and are dragged down
                    into these depths
                    with no prayer for release
                    and no point to survival

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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