BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Nine of Twelve

Now, something from the "good news" front ... just this past week I discovered the way to use the LJ-Cut tag to "drop out" stuff from the post. Why, you ask, is this a good thing, since I was already using the cut tags to remove the offending poems from public view? Well, I can now "tidy up" my template and just have ONE of those lovely "BTRIPP" graphics in each posting!

Isn't that AMAZING???

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                    CAST DOWN INTO MIRE

                    the violent vision
                    the twisted sight
                    these infuse and theme the day
                    pressing currents deep within
                    to leave us primed
                    for sudden action
                    to fend off the attack
                    which never comes that way
                    how to be prepared
                    to fight the stressors
                    to parry thrusts
                    of vile mundane demand?
                    these are our nemesis
                    this our torment frame
                    how can we be steeled
                    against these barbs?
                    we are beaten down so much
                    by things with no hands
                    no face to strike
                    no form to crush
                    no shape to watch
                    for the attack
                    always stealthy
                    always by surprise
                    so here we are
                    broken again
                    betrayed by systems
                    on which we depend
                    swatted down
                    from noble orbits
                    shown once more
                    how little we matter
                    containments contort
                    warped from all intents
                    we are cast amongst the beasts
                    crawling through these lower states
                    to perhaps find some gems
                    hidden in the slime;
                    how can we maintain this
                    so cast down into mire?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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