BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... new poems ... 4 of 10

(sigh) .... I guess the hospital concept is just wishful thinking ... I have felt like crap for so long that the idea of getting slapped in for some abdominal surgery sounds promising ... hell ... it sounds good just for the BED TIME.

                    OUR BURDEN BELITTLED

                    the stress grows too much,
                    there are no more words
                    to describe this pressure,
                    to convey the sense of dread
                    present in every waking moment;
                    but still we must
                    somehow reach out
                    to convey what is our doom
                    no one knows,
                    no one sees;
                    we are mocked by all,
                    our burden belittled,
                    our discomfort dismissed,
                    as though by denial
                    this would all go away
                    and we would fade as well
                    none would admit
                    the depth of this torment
                    for to do so
                    would put the whip
                    into their hands,
                    with their incessant demands
                    crushing and killing,
                    driving us down
                    nowhere in this world
                    is there a place
                    where we can function,
                    where we'd survive;
                    too much of this race
                    hates all that is different,
                    seeking destruction
                    of me and my kind
                    this nightmare won't end
                    except in my dying,
                    or by miracles wrought
                    of delusional dreams,
                    there is nothing remaining
                    here to sustain us,
                    and a billion amassed
                    in the enemy camp

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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