BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ... so behind on everything. There was a HUGE power outage in downtown Chicago today ... and I was just getting to my computer when it hit (there was a little sputter on the lights and then a minute or two later they were out ... thank goodness for the UPS hooked up to this!). We must have been on the very north edge of this (they kept saying on the news that the upper limit was Chicago Ave., but that's five blocks south of us, and I can't imagine we're the ONLY building north of Chicago that lost power), good thing that The Girls got out before it hit (I was feeling poorly from a bit of food poisoning from a pot-luck event last night and begged off of going out this mornng) so it was just ME walking down 50 flights of stairs to get out today. Power came back up about 5pm, so we were able to get back in OK.

- Brendan
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