BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So many EVIL people ...

What a sucky 24-or-so hours. Man ... It appears that I have become the "LJ poster boy for TIPS" after having been demonized in a post (and many, many re-posts in various extreme communities) as the "likely" person who sicced the FBI on artvamp and habibi.

As I was very clear on in my response, I had nothing to do with that ... but it has brought out every hard-Left cretin from the LJ woodwork with whom I've ever crossed words. Evil, sick, horrible people (and I'm actually not talking about artvamp and habibi in that category ... they and I have just been on the wrong side of everything since 9/11/01 ... despite some of the really horrible stuff they've said about me).

So, since I'm feeling crapped on, I might as well get some of these poems up ... it seems a release or sorts.

                    NESTLED INTO NIGHTMARES

                    not able to move,
                    not able to breathe,
                    we are bound by bands
                    of razor wire;
                    all motions cut,
                    all inhales stab,
                    and we cannot escape
                    this containment
                    illness cascades,
                    overflowing day;
                    there is no pause
                    to pain's duration,
                    there is no break
                    in stresses' drain,
                    no chance to rest
                    to regain our strength
                    all these plans
                    fall into empty,
                    they domino across our time,
                    wreaking havoc with intents,
                    causing chaos
                    to take the stage
                    and bring fresh madness
                    into every wish
                    dark for darkness,
                    deeper for depth;
                    the tunnel constricts,
                    the world crushes in,
                    we have no more room
                    to avoid the blows,
                    no place to be
                    that we can defend
                    nightmares arrive
                    nestled into nightmares,
                    we can't be sure
                    of when one ends
                    or if we just transition
                    into new insanities,
                    different sets of blades
                    awaiting the attack

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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