BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

Well ... I'm off to a birthday party with Daughter #1 ... as the phrase goes "this too shall pass" ... evil people will never change, and we can only hope they will reap the fruits of their vileness. This world is a sick, sad, horrible place ... and there isn't shit we can really do about that.

                    STRANGE SHIFTS RESET

                    strange shifts
                    reset the flow,
                    we take sudden steps
                    which cross some plane
                    from jungle
                    into crystal,
                    from dullness
                    into art
                    can we believe
                    this illusion true?
                    can we trust
                    that this is not
                    a trap new set
                    to lure us subtly
                    to some as yet untried
                    form of demise?
                    no, we trust nothing
                    and know that change,
                    even from vile smothering stasis,
                    can be to states far worse;
                    yet we have seen
                    how cycles variate
                    and perhaps now
                    we've hit a milder zone
                    but there's no mild
                    within damnation,
                    what changes here
                    always have a there
                    that's not been counted,
                    and this then twists,
                    spin out tentacles
                    to strangle any hope
                    how brief belief
                    can flicker when
                    attempting to dispel the dark,
                    how sad and futile,
                    pointless and pitiful
                    in a world so corrupt
                    there can be no lighting
                    no true source for sight

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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