BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Going to be taking Daughter #1 to see "Disney's Toy Story On Ice" tomorrow ... I don't know if I want to get some sleep before it, or if it will be easier to take in a sleep-dep stupor. Now, you might be saying "gee, I kind of liked those movies", yeah, I did too, so your mental image of "Toy Story On Ice" is something like this:

But wait ... that would require big foam rubber heads on the performers, right? Well, I guess that's against professional show skater union rules ... instead the stars of the show look like THIS:

which is just plain scary!

Anyway, Daughter #1 loved the "Disney On Ice" show we took her to last year and was BEGGING me to take her to this once it occurred to her that this was something that Daddy could be cajoled into buying tickets for. Ah, but the question ... to sleep and face this clear-headed, or not to sleep and simply revel in the more bizarre aspects of the whole thing?

- Brendan
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