BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not that anybody cares ...

Hey, it's just that it's so seldom that I get something crossed off my "to do" list, I figured I just had to post about it!

A few months ago I registered which was a "fictitious" web site used in the Element K training materials that the Chubb Institute uses for texts. I was amazed that nobody had grabbed that (it is, after all, not a bad site name), so I did and put up a promo stie for the Herbal Voltage™ "energy drink" product ("better than coffee" ... get it?). Anyway, I'd re-done the site with CSS and made it XML compliant and stuff and just never got it uploaded. Well, this morning I managed to do a couple of little edits on it and slapped the new version up there.

I know, you're just thrilled ... but it is a kind of cute thing. What's funny is that I get e-mail from it all the time, since one of the web exercises has folks making dummy sites with a mailto to on it ... so I get to see all the places that are using the training materials!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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