BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A DOZEN NEW POEMS! - #1 of 12

Oh, yes, lucky you! I have, obviously, not been able to get around to getting this lot typed up and posted for quite a while. In fact (as is plentifully evident by the lovely piece on the other side of that oh-so-thoughtful LJ-cut tag) these go back to that rather nasty bit of unpleasantness last month. While this (and especially the fifth stanza) is not specifically directed to the principals of that little debacle, if you want it to "be about you", please feel free to feel accursed! It's all self-service damnation here!

                    NO DEEPER HATE

                    the lowlands of despair
                    in the land of the damned
                    we are cast below
                    falsely accused
                    made the target
                    of myriad fools;
                    let them all die,
                    all hideously

                    so often the idiots
                    have come this way,
                    the blind, the believing,
                    those unable to grasp
                    what is real or true,
                    once gain they charge
                    seeking to destroy
                    the alien voice

                    no deeper hate I have
                    than for that puling chorus
                    the leftist flock
                    which brays the lie
                    their senseless mass
                    lurks behind all madness
                    all wrongness, all fault
                    within this world

                    I seek dark magicks
                    to reach their place
                    to tear them open
                    to let in the light
                    a burning light
                    so full of truth
                    that they will cease
                    from the sudden shock

                    damn them all
                    these vile accursed
                    damn their worlds
                    to torture worse than mine
                    damn their kin and projeny
                    and all things that they love
                    to cruel destruction
                    and vast degrading declines

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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