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A DOZEN NEW POEMS! - #2 of 12

Ah, yes ... another exercise in Brendan finding enough crap to chit-chat about while he posts a mess of poems. I have been "off schedule" a bit with these, largely due to changes in my morning routine since Daughter #1 started at her new school (I may have mentioned the details, but it is all very complicated and I typically find myself running to catch the last possible bus that will get me to MY school on time). I guess the "hanging out at the bus stop" time had become my primary writing slot. Oh well.

                    SPEWING OF THE RACE

                    days have shattered,
                    fallen off,
                    we have no means
                    to put together pieces
                    so scattered, lost,
                    we have no whole
                    to act as guide
                    for the searching

                    the tide of darkness
                    rises suddenly
                    its creeping shade
                    submerges all
                    we struggle hard
                    to stay above
                    we fight the draw
                    to sink below

                    the viler denizens
                    of those depths
                    break the surface
                    and launch attacks;
                    disgusted as we are,
                    what use is served
                    by battling their way,
                    so thick with slime?

                    horrendous engagements
                    might yet be of need
                    but until that time
                    we only seek the aid
                    of all the ancients in our line
                    to guard and parry
                    and make such forays
                    as is native of their state

                    none believe
                    and fewer know;
                    they are ephemera,
                    the spewing of the race,
                    their thoughts mean nothing,
                    their words in vain,
                    for they live not
                    beyond this dream

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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