BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A DOZEN NEW POEMS! - #5 of 12

We just started in on Illustrator in the Web Design class at school. I've been having to confront some of my "art insecurities", as I've never been much of a "sketcher", which is a handy thing to have doing vector graphics. While I WAS and Art major in college (it was my third major, behind English and Religion), my emphasis was in Silkscreen, Ceramics, and Silver ... none of which are particularly good background for drawing a pretty picture with one's mouse!

                    ABSENCE WHEN IT'S THERE

                    through this
                    all a blur
                    nothing settles
                    all askew
                    we transit
                    unknown ground
                    passing over
                    others' times
                    and the echoes
                    seem to haunt
                    we walk amid
                    the histories
                    which are not ours
                    yet are not alien
                    something to touch
                    if not to know
                    still the pain
                    cuts to the soul
                    and the doubt
                    hangs heavy
                    what we can't have
                    what we can't hold
                    waves in taunting
                    before our eyes
                    in the going
                    so often wished
                    moment shifts
                    perception with it
                    so we can't know
                    or can not be
                    of that absence
                    when it's there
                    no intentions,
                    no release,
                    we are frozen
                    into dungeon chain;
                    only exhaustion
                    separates from dreams,
                    only fresh loss
                    divides from wish

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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