June 12th, 2000


(no subject)

So fucking DOWN ... been like this for weeks.

Not like it's not without reason ... the whole book biz going into the toilet, even though I have a plan for that ... and this whole job search thing being so grim.

I hope I can shake out of it a bit this week ... we're leaving for Florida on Wednesday to spend some time with my father-in-law (and his new lady friend). I had planned on being up in Wisconsin next weekend for my 20th (well, actually 21st ... but they "bunch" classes) college reunion ... but The Wife and her dad had been making plans for us to come down for Fathers day ... just nobody bothered to let me in on this (obviously I don't count for shit). Too bad, too ... since I did that 900+ piece mailing telling folks I'd be at reunion. Oh, well, most folks will no doubt be seriously trying to duck me, and since I won't be there, they'll all succeed!

One decent part of this upcoming week is taking Daughter #1 up to Disney World for a couple of day ... of course right now it looks like it's a couple of days of standing around in thunderstorms, but that's par for the course in my life these days.

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