October 4th, 2000


OK ... Asking again

Hi ... I posted the following in my journal last week hoping that some folks who have me on their "Friends" list would help me out with some feedback. I'm going in for this "brainstorming" session next week, so it's not too late to go HERE to send me your thoughts!

The following is the text of a note that I just sent out to folks on my snail-mail list. Since many folks here know me as well, I thought I'd post this in my Journal and hopefully get some additional feedback. Again, if it's not clear from the following ... what I want folks to take a look at is the info at http://easy.to/HelpMe

Dear Friends:

          As you may or may not know, Eschaton Productions, Inc., has reached the point where I am having to take a serious look at making it a "hobby" rather than a "career". We had anticipated a 5-year "ramp up" to profitability, but after several unfortunate reversals, I am having to pull back on this, while not actually closing up shop.
          In addition, I've also been building a business with Rexall Showcase International; this has been quite rewarding on a number of levels, but it's still a few years away from producing a full-time income for me!
          Anyway, the reason that I'm writing is that I'm in the process of a JOB SEARCH. I've been working with a career transition consulting group to profile in-depth my strengths, ideal working conditions, and the like.
          We have reached the stage in this process of brain-storming actual job possibilities and/or career options, and I would greatly appreciate your input on this! I've set up a web page with some guidelines, and I hope that you'll take a look at it and e-mail me back your suggestions. The page is at http://easy.to/HelpMe (fun, huh?). Again, I'd be very grateful to get some outside ideas for this in the next week or so!


                              - Brendan