October 12th, 2000


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Ah, quite some day ... not all good, not all bad, muchly strange. Can't see how this come up from that, but this poem kept me up tonight seeking completion despite the urge to sleep. I'd love to do a nice chatty journal entry, but it just isn't coming ... so here's the poem ... goodnight!

                    DROPPED INTO DISJOINT WAYS

                    it's nothing
                    if not absurd
                    no support
                    no being held
                    within these frames
                    within these lines
                    amid the structures
                    of wasted day

                    we are set
                    as in concrete
                    left forgotten
                    embedding now
                    all things needed
                    are too away
                    await decay
                    unmasking bone

                    only remainder
                    only drift
                    we are bound
                    and can not pass
                    all tortures ours
                    no longer buffered
                    yet not set free

                    from strange pasts
                    visions rush
                    that can't be counted
                    or even named
                    how have these creatures
                    found us here?
                    what triggers
                    their release?

                    now too shallow
                    now too dark
                    we muddle, murk
                    and huddle low
                    seeking paths
                    which aren't away
                    yet are apart
                    from what is now

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2000 by Brendan Tripp

- BT

(no subject)

Man ... I just took a look at the LiveJournal stats page and it's pretty depressing to think that only 470 people (out of 19,286 total users!) have bothered to pay for the service. Come on ... only 2.4% of the users feel this is worth a few bucks? That's ridiculous! It's ONLY $25/year ... two bucks and a few pennies a month ... less than 7 cents a day! Gee, I hate to be shilling for stuff other than my own gigs, but at least go take a look at the paid accounts page!

- BT