October 26th, 2000


OK ... Big-time Libertarian plug!

Hey, don't like Gore, don't like Bush? Take a look at Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party candidate for president! Haven't heard of him or the party? That's a whole scandal in itself ... despite being BIGGER than any of the other "3rd Parties" (and running candidates in over half of the congressional races ... a first for a 3rd party since the Socialists did it in 1920!), the press and the major polls have been DELIBERATELY IGNORING Browne and the Libertarian Party, despite his showing up somewhere between Nader and Buchanan (or occasionally ahead of both!) in the polls that include ALL of the 3rd Party candidates ... read more about this travesty HERE. And consider voting Libertarian this election ... the party's on all 50 state ballots (and DC), and there's likely a congressional candidate running in your district!

Harry Browne, Libertarian for President

- Brendan