November 8th, 2000


Since I'm probably not going to be on anybody's "friends" list anymore ...

Well, thought I'd post up one last thing before everybody drops me from their "friends" list. Sorry ... but Gore is SCUM ... the Clintons (both of 'em) are SCUM ... the direction the country has been heading the past 8 years has been "to hell in a handbasket" (and, you could have had Barney Fife ... hell, you could have had BARNEY ... as President and the ecomony would have been as good!). I'm no great fan of "Dubya", but Idi Amin would be an improvement over Clinton/Gore, and it still boggles my mind how anybody could see voting for Gore as anything BUT a continuation of the greatest internal threat to our system of governance ever (go read World Net Daily for the details ... do a search under "executive orders").

Again, since I'm anticipating that I'm not going to be appearing on many "friends" lists, let me shill one last time for the Libertarian Party which really DOES have a vision of how to fix what's wrong with this country.

- Brendan