December 14th, 2000


Thank God it's over ...

Ah, the nightmare is finally done ... the end of the Clinton/Gore insanity is in sight. The lesser of the two evils won. Whoopie.

Just as a parting shot, I wanted to put up these interesting stats about the election. While that snake Gore may have come away with a higher vote total ("may" as in there were gross examples of vote fraud by the Democrats in many areas of the country ... for details check out THIS) it primarily came from a few dozen Democratic-locked population centers, and hardly "America at large" ... check out this break-down of the vote:


States won by Gore: 19
Sates won by Bush: 29

Counties won by Gore: 677
Counties won by Bush: 2,434

Pop. of counties won by Gore: 127 million
Pop. of counties won by Bush: 143 million

Sq miles of country won by Gore: 580,000
Sq miles of country won by Bush: 2,427,000

Statistics may not mean much to some people but this last one will.

Avg murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Gore: 13.2
Avg murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Bush: 2.1


Anyway, I'm glad it's over ... I would have voted for Idi Amin or Great Cthulhu over Gore, so no matter how sleazy G.W.B. is he's better than the alternative!

Remember, next time Vote Libertarian!

- BT

A rare early-morning poem ...

I've been in a "poetry writing mood" for much of the week (at least while I've been out and about), but have been unable to "pull the trigger" on it for various reasons. This morning, however, while I was on my 2-hour subway sojourn to take Daughter #1 up to her new school (which will fortunately be done with come January when she starts with a car service), said offspring decided to take a nap, so I had a chance to scribble. Ta-da....

                    IN SHATTERED BEING

                    the fragile edge
                    the broken line
                    the crumbled vector
                    which leads to death
                    this is directing
                    the path of life
                    a cycle downward
                    into dark

                    glass constructions
                    once seemed so bright
                    but now have shattered
                    in all these shards
                    what once stood proud
                    and beautiful
                    now lies demolished
                    at our feet

                    and every piece
                    presents a blade
                    which cuts at us
                    bit by bit
                    as seeking vengeance
                    for our dreams
                    as though our hopes
                    brought this decay

                    too many points
                    harass us now
                    we bleed from this
                    and seek to hide
                    our life-force ebbs
                    our power fades
                    our strength drains out
                    in dull decline

                    nothing holds for us a light
                    a vision of a future day
                    less set with panic,
                    gripped by pain,
                    this world has stolen all belief
                    all sense of joy
                    all promise
                    and all prayer

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2000 by Brendan Tripp

- BT

Political Quiz ...

I saw this political quiz kicking around in some other journals, and decided to take it ... pretty interesting for being only SIX questions (with weighting). Here's how I scored (which seems pretty accurate to me):

#1: Anarcho-Capitalist (Rand/Rothbard/David Friedman) - The belief that eventually, the state will be rendered unnecessary by the market. Some Libertarians.

#2: Libertarian (American Anti-Federalists, Thomas Paine, Boaz, Murray, Milton Friedman) - The belief that the size and scope of government should be minimized as far as possible. The Libertarian Party and some Republicans.

#3: Liberal - (Locke, Adam Smith, Madison, J.S. Mill, both Roosevelts) - The belief that social justice is best facilitated by limited, popular government and free (and fair) markets. Some Republicans, most Democrats, most Reformers.

#4: Anarcho-Socialist - (traditional Anarchism) - The belief that all forms of power are ultimately corrupt. Often, "Socialism without the State". Some Greens and some Socialists.

#5: Conservative - ("The Moral Majority", et. al.) - The belief that the state exists to maintain the status quo, politcally and economically. Some Republicans and some Reformers (like Buchanan).

#6: Social Democratic - (British Labour, modern day Scandanavia, Ralph Nader, - The belief that social justice is best facilitated by democratic control of most, if not all, social institutions. Some Democrats and most Greens.

#7: Socialist - (Marx, Engels, Fourier, St. Simon) - The belief that political equality, and social justice, are impossible without economic equality. Some Greens and most Socialists.

#8: Communist - (Lenin, Castro, Mao) - The belief in a state that controls all aspects of economic life, even at the expense of political liberty. Arguably "state capitalism," as compared to anarcho-socialism.

- BT