BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A DOZEN NEW POEMS! - #7 of 12

Speaking of school ... had a freaky thing today ... they were wanting me to fill out all new application forms ... TWO SETS ... one for the first "class" that I was persuaded to "withdraw" out of (since I was the ONLY student in there and they didn't want to be paying for one-on-one instruction) and one for the new class that I'll be starting into (when the new group "catches up with me") in November. The thing that made me nervous was that the total price was listed on both sheets, and it looke TO ME like I was signing up to pay them all over again. I hate paperwork!

                    WITHIN UNYIELDING WALLS

                    extra layers
                    of the haze,
                    making day
                    impossible to align;
                    we draw out
                    far too thin
                    to form containment

                    no connections,
                    no mesh of gears,
                    external vectors
                    drag in their wake
                    all possible action,
                    all options we have;
                    no volition,
                    no intent

                    so many gaps,
                    we can't extend,
                    we've not enough
                    to span the times
                    and be one whole
                    from need to need;
                    each cell forgetful,
                    each form discreet

                    stuck in loops,
                    replaying time
                    but with new twists,
                    new forms of pain;
                    we can not reach
                    beyond the cycle,
                    or find escape
                    in some outside

                    demand the gun
                    behind the march
                    which shifts feet through
                    exhausting routine,
                    we are trapped within
                    unyielding walls,
                    unable to flee or fly
                    out of the cage

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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