January 8th, 2001


wheee! pictures!

You know ... folks keep putting up pics of where they live here, and I've felt all pouty about it since we haven't had a digital cam (and I've been too damn lazy to take pictures for the specific purpose of scanning them in here once they got developed). Well, Daughter #1 got a Barbie Digital Cam for her birthday ... so we now have one handy ... even though it only takes itsy-bitsy little pics.

Here are a couple of snaps (the Barbie cam also only lets you snap 6 pics before dumping them into the computer!) of stuff around here for your voyeuristic enjoyment.

Here is the view north from our living room (you may recognize this as being the background of my "formal pic" as seen HERE):

Here's a look out to the north-east, with Lake Shore Drive edging along Lake Michigan, and a bit of the curled jetty up at North Avenue Beach:

Here's a look east out of our dining room window where the "inner drive" turns into Michigan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive curves east ... with a bit of Oak Street Beach (all the beaches being covered in snow these days):

And here's another shot out the east windows, with the John Hancock Center hiding behind the 600 N. Michigan (Bloomingdales mall and the Four Seasons Hotel) building:

Again ... sort of tiny pics ... but it's fun to have the digital cam available!

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