January 21st, 2001


A random gripe ...

(sigh) ... I may have to re-think my immersion in (addiction to?) LiveJournal ... I do spend quite a lot of time reading post on my, and other people's, "Friends Lists", and have been putting in what seems to me to be a fairly substantial effort to produce quality, cogent, informative comments. Comments that take time and effort (especially when I'm digging up info from all over the place and lacing them with links) and almost never get responded to. I've been in a funk especially the past few days after putting together a bit of an essay in response to a query, and hearing nothing (well, one brief quip "from the peanut gallery") from anybody germane to the point at hand. I have to start asking myself "why do I bother?" I could be putting as much energy into finishing up my D.D., or writing thematic essays for The Terminal Journal, either of which would at least have some real-world impact. LiveJournal at first appeared a such a useful tool to exchange meaningful thoughts within a wide and fluid community, but it has seemingly slid into a more juvenile "notes on the locker" mode. Oh well, it won't be the first time I've had to walk away from something in disappointment that it didn't live up to my hopes. It's just a sad thing.

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... may the scumbag who complained about my previous sig reap the full measure of my rage!