January 23rd, 2001


A shout-out

Yeah, a BIG shout-out to whoever complained about my nifty little sig thing with graphic links going out to the various things I do. Hey, FUCK YOU LOSER!

Listen ... shit like this makes neat little circles through the cosmos, and you are messing with the WRONG PERSON if you think this will go away ... because I know how to make your Karmic shit snowball like hell.

So, some advice ... watch your back ... be careful what you eat and drink ... and especially make sure to drive real cautiously ... for the rest of your pointless life. For you now are ACCURSED, you little snide sack of shit, and I hope the pathetic jollies you got registering a complaint will be consolation when the real shit starts hitting the fan for you!

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... may the scumbag who complained about my previous sig reap the full measure of my rage!