March 26th, 2001


Scary shit ...

Yep, every day's getting freakier and freakier ... every task more daunting ... didn't do much today, but had this spew out ... oh, what fun.

                    ONLY HERE, MOSTLY NOW

                    scrambled signals
                    snapped intents
                    every path
                    runs fragmented
                    bits are here
                    and bits are there
                    we can not trace
                    along the whole

                    so many things
                    are lost in dream states
                    in that grey
                    unsteady space
                    we seek to act
                    yet in that instant
                    lose all knowledge
                    how to proceed

                    fear is deep
                    within these hours
                    we wade through
                    apprehension's bile
                    marked with dread
                    that is soul-scarring
                    horror haunts
                    in nightmare life

                    locked in stasis
                    frozen here
                    as though in headlights
                    yet unseen
                    we feel the doom
                    come rushing in
                    but can't locate
                    the killing front

                    every vision
                    harbors dark
                    every dream
                    bears malice
                    we brace ourselves
                    for tearing blades
                    and the crushing mass
                    of ending

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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Weird shit ...

My ISP's mail system has been funky of late ... and must have just been given cyber-ExLax ... had a sudden rush of about 60 e-mails show up, some from as long ago as last Thursday. About half junk mail, but about 1/3 L.J. replies ... odd that those have been floating in limbo that long!

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