May 3rd, 2001


Is it just me & my Netscape?

Hey, here is one of those "stupid question" posts ... but, aside from the obvious problems with Live Journal of late (the database being fucked and not letting anybody in), I have been getting "this program has performed an illegal operation" sorts of messages A LOT when using L.J. ... has something else changed?

These "Netscape crashes" have been sometimes happening as frequently as 3 an hour over the past few days ... and with NOTHING noticeably happening to cause them (I'll be in the middle of reading a post and BAM!). Being a "Netscape-only" kind of guy, I'm always paranoid that some evil MSIE proprietary code has gotten entrenched on sites I visit, making it virtually impossible to use Netscape. Anybody else been having this problem the past couple of days with L.J.?

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Just another project ...

Well ... I just got done posting this over in the L.J. Pagan community, and figured that since I had it all nice and tidy, that I'd post it in here as well.

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Sacred Sexuality Conference
June 1st- 3rd Feitico Gallery Chicago

Sacred Sexuality Conference - "All Acts of Pleasure"

An exciting and exploratory look at the acts and skills of sacred sexuality, through the eyes of several of today's leading practitioners. We will be examining the arts of Tantra, the pleasure of touch, the realms of pain and pleasure, and the abiding rituals and spells of the ancients reborn in modern times for your personal journey into the heart of the sacred divine place. we will explore the physical, mental, spiritual and legal aspects of the Sacred Sexuality movement today.

Through the weekend workshops taught by Melissa Grant, Charles Arnold, Artvamp, and others, you will learn to relink to your inner self, your true sexual nature, to the rest of your life. Through the lectures, demonstrations, and personal activities you will be able to learn the bring focus and direct energy to bring your relationships to the next level.

Come to the conference and change your life, and learn what we mean when we say "All Acts of Pleasure" are Sacred.

Planned schedule:

Friday, June 1:

8:00 pm - Doors and registration opens.
9:00 pm - Panel "All Acts of Pleasure" Panel discusses what the conference is dedicated to. Artvamp and Melissa Grant with Charles Arnold.
10:30 pm - Opening Ritual
12:30 am - Official Close of the Day

Saturday, June 2:

By 1:00 pm we will have coffee and light snacks.
3:00 pm - Opening on place of Sexuality on a legal basis by Brendan Tripp and Ed Hubbard. The public can remain for this.
4:00 pm - Only Participants May be on premises.
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm - Workshops
5:00 pm - 6:20 pm - Workshops
Bar Opens (or anytime you choose).
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm - Workshops
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm - Break and Light Dinner is served.
9:00 pm- 11:00 pm - Demonstrations
11:00 - The Ritual of Innanna
12:30 am - official close.

Sunday, June 3:

11:00 am - Coffee:
Noon - 3:00 pm - Discussion of Sexuality and the Law, plus questions from the day to Before.
3:00 pm - Closing Ritual.

For more information, visit the Telepathic Media website!