May 9th, 2001


OK ... so here's what these look like "raw"...

This should be just about "actual size" (the pages are 4.25" high) ... this is the poem transcribed below, and the one from a few days back. By the way, the red checks mean that I've transcribed the poem. I probably have my scanner set a bit off for this ... it looks like these are in pencil, but they're actually in black ballpoint.

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another poem ...

"La, la, la, la ... sucks to be me ... la, la, la, la ... "

                    DAMAGED, TAINTED, AND FORSAKEN

                    the darkness
                    in which we live
                    the desperation
                    which hovers
                    these have touched
                    the inner self
                    broken through
                    our defenses

                    where hope fails
                    and dreams fade
                    what rushes in to fill?
                    dread becomes
                    the theme of day
                    and nightmares
                    the environment
                    which we breathe

                    we grow twisted
                    bent and warped
                    in grotesque forms
                    yet not enough
                    to find the seams
                    to seep through cracks
                    or make escapes
                    through sheer inversion

                    no, we are damaged
                    just enough
                    so that nothing here
                    will work for us
                    so that we have no one
                    on our side
                    so our prayers are echoed
                    back as curse

                    how to believe
                    in any good?
                    how to see light
                    as other than a lie
                    a false illusion
                    drawing in
                    to yet another trap
                    to more agony and pain?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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Oh, yeah ... this thing too ...

Got point-of-sale signs done for the stores, etc. that will be selling the tickets ...

Gotta love that little Telepathic Media logo thing down in the corner there ... I've been slapping that on everything ...whooo BRANDING! (oh, wait ... there might even be a workshop on branding ... but the other type!)

We now have the PayPal modules working correctly (we can also take payments by phone and e-mail and checks in snail mail!), so if you want to get YOUR tickets for the Sacred Sexuality Conference ... get busy with clicking for more info!

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