June 1st, 2001


Poems and more poems ...

As has been the case of late, with all the chaos, I'm not finding a lot of "sit down an write" times. Frankly, I wrote this one at the computer (see how different the tone is?), just to get up to 10 poems for the month. I'd really like to be doing 10-15 per month this year ... maybe working back up to the 20-21 poems a month rate that I used to do. I can't tell you how much I liked to be predictably producing 250 things a year ... it made doing collections so much eaiser (typically, I'd dig out the "best 10%" of a two-year period for each new collection). Of course, having all tha backlog is what has made setting up the Big Poetry Site such a pain in the butt ... THOUSANDS of individual pages! Bleh. Well, one of these days. Anyhoo ... here's this one:

                    ONLY FOR DEMAND

                    unable to comply
                    impossible to attain
                    it turns blank
                    runs to number
                    it goes empty
                    pauses long
                    drifts away

                    no intention
                    no vision
                    no focus
                    no drive
                    it is a spilling
                    a bloodletting
                    a distraction
                    a deceit

                    alien system
                    foreign ways
                    we can not touch
                    the tender zones
                    we can not reach
                    the inner truths
                    we can't unload
                    the looming mass

                    no connection
                    nothing meshed
                    we scan the past
                    and lose the present
                    we ache for contacts
                    spun out of dreams

                    no escaping
                    tighter cycles
                    the road of flight
                    winds deeper in
                    until there's nothing
                    but a point
                    a singularity
                    left to hide

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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WOW ...

Hey, that call for "white light" I put out a few days back must have brought in some good mojo ... I just got a call to come in for an INTERVIEW following up on one of my resumes. I'm only one of several candidates, and it's not my "dream job", but it's "close enough for rock&roll" and I'd be happy to take it (assuming the salary/benefit package is plausible). This is VERY exciting since I have not even been able to get an acknowledgement out of 90% of my resumes, and I've not had a real interview in about 3 years!

Anyway ... keep the White Light coming!


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