June 10th, 2001


almost forgot ...

(yawwwwwn ...) almost forgot to do this tonight ... bleh ... my life sucks.

                    BOILING POINTS BEYOND

                    these pressures spike
                    like a boiler over-stoked
                    straining structure
                    testing limits of design
                    but these flames
                    are not external
                    they rise within
                    and threaten our demise

                    too many fuels
                    are in the pipeline
                    each one demanding
                    exclusive fire
                    each adding heat
                    to conflagrations
                    redoubling stress
                    that tears the mind

                    we can not focus
                    all is a blur
                    driven to chaos
                    pushed to extremes
                    we can not do
                    what needs be done
                    nothing done
                    achieves a goal

                    at every turn
                    our road divides
                    we can't be everywhere,
                    do everything now,
                    there's always something
                    we must let slide
                    failures of omission
                    against failures of decline

                    how I ache
                    to break away
                    to throw the switch
                    which shuts this down
                    and walk off to
                    some different world
                    one whose madness
                    is all within

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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