July 12th, 2001


more stuff ...

I wonder what the hell's happening with my web server ... this stuff was supposed to stay up all month, but my little "BTRIPP" graphic is not loading, and I've not been able to pull up mcs.net all day (although I have been able to get mail). Damn, that whole Winstar thing is a pain in the ass. It now looks like we're going to end up going with the damn AT&T 7/7 plan since we use them for long-distance anway ... it will be nice to get dial-up for just $7/mo and we'll be saving 3¢/minute over our current long distance package, but I'll have to put up with that little "surfing bar" thing and having them logging where the hell I'm visiting. That sucks.

Had one good thing happen today ... got a new Unicity Network sign-up ... he's a real old guy (late 70's) and doesn't "get" the web part of this, but he's been a life-long sales guy and he's looking for something to do (and set up for his kids), so I'm anticipating that he'll at least be active. Had a 2.5 hour lunch with him today and did all the paperwork. I already miss the "old new comp plan" ... the new one has so much stuff in it, that I can barely get a handle on it, let alone try to explain it ... the one it replaced I was able to do on the back of a napkin. Oh well ... they tell me it's much more lucrative. I like lucrative.

Ran off from lunch to 2U to work on the web site ... didn't actually get anything done on the site, but did manage to get all the pics off of these posters for the page I'm doing on the building fund ... somebody supposedly had scans of that stuff, but kept sending me vacation pics instead ... I figure after two months of trying to get the damn pictures for the site, I'd take matters in my own hands and grab the originals ... now I have to scan them. I had just enough time to get those (and replace them with xerox copies on the posters) and then to get down to pick up Daughter #1 for her martial arts class. Run, run, run all day ... finally get back to my computer at about 7pm and find 100 posts to the Friends list. Just now getting caught up. I need to sleep.

                    CURRENTS OUT OF TIME

                    these illusions
                    with the shadows
                    of that reality
                    we act and drive
                    press at the bounds
                    but have nothing left
                    when day is done

                    so many trials
                    so many wasted hours
                    we try so hard
                    to build new worlds
                    within these frames
                    but all our efforts
                    fall away
                    like castles of dry sand

                    once again
                    temptation comes
                    to allow ourselves
                    to dare believe
                    that we might yet
                    carve out a home
                    from threatening walls
                    and crueller stone

                    but we can not
                    in truth believe
                    because of wounds
                    deep in our soul
                    the marks of hopes
                    ripped from the flesh
                    leaving gaps to scab
                    and turn to scars

                    still the tides
                    sometimes appear
                    to move new ways
                    as if from alien moons
                    and we find a wondering
                    if the universe might change
                    and let us have our way
                    to finally be at last

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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oy vay ...

Sheesh! I would like to formally apologize to all of the folks who I begged and browbeated into signing up for the Unicity Newsletter. Yes, I assure you, the company DOES know the difference between Garlic (the topic of the lead story in the latest issue) and Ginger (the pretty picutre illustrating said story). I was just on the phone with the folks who do the web stuff at Unicity, in an attempt to find out HOW this Garlic/Ginger switch could have survived through even a cursory proofing process, and to inquire if they had ANY idea of how bad this made all us Unicity IBO's (that's Independent Business Owners to the rest of the universe) look to their friends and customers!

Speaking as an editor (though ... let me make this perfectly clear ... NOT of said newsletter) I am mortified to see this. Really ... we DO know the difference!

If you are reading this and wondering what the heck Brendan is talking about ... you can go to my Unicity web site and click on "free newsletter" to have it come out to you ... although I rather HOPE that they'll have fixed this before tomorrow!

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The death throes ...

I assume all the comm problems I've been having over the past couple of days are the start of the death throes of MCS.net. Yesterday I couldn't find their web server (so stuff like my little "BTRIPP" graphic was not loading in these notes) and today the dial-up is down with a busy signal (and that irritating pitch from the local phone company to call back later for 75¢ weakly issuing from the depths of my computer). While I'm still getting mail, I can't seem to send any, which is a minor irritation (as I'm presently on my AOL dial-up and can send mail out from there if I have to). I guess I really SHOULD get moving on setting up with AT&T (since all the other "small local ISP" options didn't pan out) since I doubt this is going to be getting any better as time drags on. At least I think I've managed to change all the stuff pointing to btripp@mcs.net to other options. Bleh. Makes me want to kick stuff ... or maybe beat ISP people with bricks.

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