August 15th, 2001


Kitty cat ...

(sigh) I'm very worried about our cat, Anique ... she's about 15 years old and had been off her food for a few days. I noticed that she was breathing strangely (short, sharp breaths) and pointed this out to The Wife. As it was just about time for Miss Nikki's annual vet visit anyway, The Wife took her up there today ... poor kitty. They are keeping her over-night, waiting to see what might be what ... they think it could be asthma (she has various allergies which tend to kick up this time of year), yet there is this mass on the x-ray which might (hope not) be kitty lung cancer. Hopefully it's just asthma/allergies and they'll be able to fix her with a shot (they gave her a steroid shot this afternoon, and are keeping her overnight to see what that does) and perhaps some on-going meds.

Needless to say, after having lived with The Wife for 15 years, with me for 10, and with the girls their whole lives, losing Nikki would be very very traumatic. I really hope that it's the lesser of the problems, and that she'll be heading back to health with the steroid shot ... even if she does start looking like a kitty version of Hans and Franz!

Send white light to Anique ...

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