October 21st, 2001


OK ... another stupid quiz thing ...

Today's stupid quiz thing has you input your name, and then it comes up with all sorts of "interesting" things to say about it. This would be really lame (sort of a random insult generator) if it wasn't for about half of them being dead on. Come on, HOW COULD THEY KNOW that I "detest happy people", or the God thing? Heh! Here's what it said about me:

BRENDAN - From the Greek root meaning "Voyeur"

Characteristics - Brendan drives over old ladies at intersections.

Personality - Brendan laughs at others' pain.

Natural - Brendan eats roadkill.

Emotional - Brendan detests happy people.

Character - Brendan is sexually aroused by relatives.

Physical - Brendan farts in bed.

Mental - Brendan is a cracker short of a box.

Motivation - Brendan thinks they're God.

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