November 2nd, 2001


The enemy among us ...

Forget the "politically correct" blathering ... we are in a WAR of "systems", that of the the Western Democracies and that of Islam. Unless you want to give up EVERYTHING this country stands for, we can NOT let the Islamists win ... hell, we can not even let them survive!

This article looks at some of the organizations and individuals who are currently operating within our borders ...

Here's a quote:
"Zaid Shakir, formerly the Muslim chaplain at Yale University, has stated that Muslims cannot accept the legitimacy of the American secular system, which "is against the orders and ordainments of Allah." To the contrary, "The orientation of the Qur'an pushes us in the exact opposite direction."

Yeah, they'll all "make nice sound bites" for the camera ... but we are faced with a VERY REAL THREAT ... sure, the "Islamists" might only be 10-20% of the Muslim population ... but they are harbored and supported by that population, and hide behind "cultural" facades.

Remember ... be VIGILANT ... report ANY suspicious activities to the FBI ... ... carry a digital camera with you, and a cell phone ... check here for you local Field Office ... we CAN NOT let the Islamists win this!

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More about the Islamist threat ...

noway had this in his journal, but I thought I'd pass it along too ... ... it's a very interesting analysis by Salman Rushdie on the whole under-pinnings of the Islamist threat.

By the way, you have to register with the New York Times to read it (which is, frankly, a freakin' pain in the ass ... I tried a good two dozen user names until I had one without numbers following ... as a side-bar: there were already 27 people using "NYTsucks" as a user ID, since they suggested "NYTsucks28" to me!).

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