November 7th, 2001


When in doubt ... flog out HTML

OK ... so I've been SO depressed that I haven't been able to deal with any "real world" shit at all. So, instead of just blankly playing games on the computer all day I got a lot of stuff done for the Big Poem Site (you know ... the one at that you probably haven't bothered to look at). Additions today: text lists for 1998, 1999, 2000, and what I have so far for 2001 and 1997, and re-done year pages with links out to those. I also got November 2001 up, but there is, obviously, not much there yet (but since I had one on the list thing I went ahead and put up the month. This thing is going to be SO COOL when all the poems get up there. It really is a triumph of applied obsessive-compulsive disorder!

Please, somebody ... HIRE ME SOOOOOON!

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