December 28th, 2001


A very important point ...


I have been thinking about this a lot of late, and was wondering why I hadn't seen much on the subject in the media ... WHY (aside from the obvious usefulness in squeezing Bin Laden & Co.) are we playing footsie with Pakistan? Pakistan has traditionally been "iffy" from the "terrorist nation" perspective and is ==>| |<== this far from being a lunatic Islamist state itself. What is our problem with India? Why, why, WHY are we not standing "shoulder to shoulder" with the democratically-elected Indian government (and poeple)? After all, there is no nation (except, of course, for Israel) with more experience in dealing with the Moslem Threat than India.

My theory is perhaps flavored a bit by "Pagan paranoia", but I think that the forces of Xtian Fundamentalism which have wormed their putrescent ways into so many parts of the U.S. government would rather deal with Moslem Fundamentalists than Hindu "heathens". After all, the Pat Robertsons, Jimmy Swaggarts, and Ralph Reeds all lust for a Taliban-like Xtian Theocracy to over-throw our democratic repubic ... they have SAID as much, and if they're willing to admit to THAT, who knows what depths of vileness go unspoken?

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