January 1st, 2002


Happy New Year!

Well ... I had an uneventful evening ... we took The Girls up to this thing they were doing at the Lincoln Park Zoo and stayed there (in about 5ºF windchill) from about 6-8pm then got everybody home before the neighborhood (we live smack in the middle of Chicago's "Rush Street") got too crazy. I made the mistake about 10:30pm of sitting down with a book ... since the next thing I knew it was 5:30am and I'd missed all of New Years plus a whole night's worth of work!

Anyway ... I had a big site update to upload to the Big Poetry Site at http://i.am/btripp ... and got that done today. Not only is 2001 all there and tidied up (including poem #4,000), but I also got up another chunk of 1996 (as I work backwards through the archive), the 3rd quarter, with 66 new poems for you !

Anyway ... go look at the poem site!!!! http://i.am/btripp

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