March 17th, 2002


"My brain hurts!" ... "We'll have to have it out, then."

Ouch. Why do I seem to get a nasty headache every Sunday? I don't drink, so it's not a Saturday-night hangover. I didn't go to Church today, so it's not dependant on that whole deal. Bleh. Not fun. Maybe it's a "contact hangover" from living down here (Rush St.) and I'm just resonating to the green beer hangover vibe that I'm sure it out there this morning.

While I've not been able to identify any particular side-effects from the Celexa, I have been very tired. DAMN! Why do all these things make me sleepy??? I suppose that (for most folks) something that was speedy would NOT be very good for anxiety ... but I don't mind being hopped up, I just want to get to the point where dealing with financial stuff doesn't spin me off into panic attacks, stuttering, and general mental shut-down! I guess the problem is is that what I'm WANTING is what I used to get (back in my 20's) from combining way too much Gin with way too much speed ... the Gin would shut down all the bothersome bits of my brain and the speed would keep the useful bits up and functioning. Actually, Opium had pretty much the same effect on me ... I suppose if I was living in Kathmandu, I could just get the corner pharmacy to fix me up with a nice Opium supply! I don't suppose there's any chance of this shrink working up a scrip for it (yeah, I know ... I'm drifting into Burrough's Junky persona ... it's always there beneath the surface anyway).

Well, got another new poem. Back in the Process days I suppose they'd say I was becoming more Luciferian (to those with that background, I was typically more of a J/S than any sort of L) from some of the "fall" themes coming up. Of course, that particular mytholgical theme has hung with me, the "fallen into this debased world" concept, which surfaces from time-to-time. Oh, well ... give it a click ... I think tonight I'll be updating the archive with the stuff from March so far.

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New music! My father-in-law had given me a $100 gift certificate for
for Xmas, and I finally got around to using it! I'd been getting that "new music" itch, but have been so out-of-the loop with new bands, that I figured that I'd just pick up stuff that I'd been meaning to get but hadn't been able to justify spending "real money" on.

Here's what I ordered:
          Electric Hellfire Club:
                    Burn Baby Burn
                    Satan's Little Helpers
                    Kiss The Goat
                    Calling Dr.Luv
                    Unholy Roller
                    Sin City
          Various Artists:
                    Darkest Millennium (2 discs)
                    This Is Industrial (3 discs)
Not bad ... got 12 CDs (counting the multiple sets) for just $10.37 (the amount over the $100 gift certificate), since the order was over $99 I got free shipping and since I used the Eschaton referral link, I should get some of that back! Sweet deal. Yay new music!

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