April 4th, 2002


howdy ...

Well ... the first class is completed. I think I got an A (100% on the first exam, no less than 90% on the second exam, at least 90% on the Case Study ... I'll be disturbed if I don't get an A). I am way beat, though. The past few weeks have been one bug after another, and I'm still hacking up a lung. I have a whole day off tomorrow. This might let me get caught up on some Eschaton stuff. I'm really going to enjoy not having to get up at dawn. I already have reading to do for the next class, which starts with Visual Basic on Monday.

I have a bunch of poems to get typed up ... I've been scrabbling together loose bits of time to write ... a stanza or two on the bus, etc. ... but have not been able to get them set down yet. I figured I'd pop this note up first, though, since I might not be getting to that all tonight.

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