May 15th, 2002


no more Celexa ... at least for now

Well ... I passed out at my desk the other night (a fairly common way for me to go to sleep) and The Wife woke me up about 4am to get me to go to bed. In the process I forgot to take my Celexa (I was taking it before going to sleep) and felt GREAT the next day ... I also skipped it last night and felt fine today. I think if I don't have any major anxiety freak-outs in the next few days, I may chuck the idea of taking that stuff. What was creepy was that I was getting DEPRESSED with it ... I was taking it for anxiety, and did not need to have depression as a trade-off! I've been feeling sharper and "more me" without it. I never wanted to be on any of those things anyway ... I don't think I'm a good drug candidate ... unless it's "speedy", of course!

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