July 30th, 2002


wow ... long time

I haven't posted in over a week? I've been trying to get time together to type up a BUNCH of poems, but it just hasn't been happening (and, of course, the longer it goes with my not typing them up, the bigger a project it becomes, both from a time perspective and from a "translation" perspective, as those little scratches start to lose their connection with the words they represent the farther away from their composition I get!).

The "new class" is really a huge disappointment so far ... although I think I will end up learning some useful stuff ... but it is structured so differently. Instead of trying to cram 7 hours of instruction into the alloted 5 hours of class, this has 2 hours of instruction spread out over 5 hours, with 50 minutes of break time (and for most of the folks in it, the break time seems to be the only thing they care about). I feel like I'm stuck in detention at some "inner-city high school" that just happened to have provided all the students with fancy laptop computers so they can have 15 rap videos playing (with the volume up) at once! As somebody suggested to me, it was like dropping into Welcome Back Kotter ... but having Vinnie Barbarino and Arnold Horshack on hand would probably be a step up!

Frankly, I suspect that my Mom knows more about computers than a lot of my current classmates (and there are a lot of them ... like 28!), but I guess I just assume that everybody's been playing with computers since the 80's (and as somebody noted to me, I've owned computers for longer than some of these kids have been alive). Still ... it's hard not to get sarcastic when somebody mistakes a network card for a hard drive.

Oddly, this class has been more stressful on me emotionally than the "hard" classes. There I could just throw myself into the work, here, there's "no work" to speak of. I hope I can get myself set up to do the on-line Oracle certification training while this is going on, since my brain isn't being used for much else at the moment.

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