September 1st, 2002


Back ...

Got in from Montreal (and my cousin's wedding) last night. The trip was a bit of a grind, being that we weren't able to get frequent flier tickets to Montreal itself, so had to fly to Burlington, VT and drive up (about 2.5 hours). As it turned out, my brother could have just picked us up in Burlington ... they got off schedule and arrived about 15 minutes before we did ... could have wedged us in their van and saved us the car rental costs! Oh, well. Montreal was nice ... my cousin is a new professor up at McGill, and they did the formal pics out at the university. Daughter #1 was a flower girl ... along with my brother's eldest daughter. #1 had about 3 straight days hanging with the younger cousins, so hopefully that will "hold her" for family visits for a while!

I have a bunch of stuff to type up, but I'm still dragging ... hope to get that up tonight, though.

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