November 30th, 2002


Arrgh ...

Well, the extended family has gone away. We had a chaotic week with them in. Hosted Turkey Day here for six adults and 4 girls under 7.

Speaking of "under 7" ... we are off for Daughter #1's b-day party in about an hour. CHUCK E CHEESE ... I never thought I'd be the one doing the party there. We looked at all the varioius b-day party options and looked at our non-existent cash reserves, and opted for that. We had to work out a compromise with her as well ... she's in a class of around 30 kids, and, well .. ANYTHING we'd do for the whole class was going to cost $600 or so. So, we negotiated ... she's invited the "more appropriate" "age plus one" of 8 kids to El Rato Grande and then we're going to take a little family vacation (the last time we got out of town on our own was over a year ago ... all other trips have been on some grandparent's nickle) up in the Wisconsin Dells (they have this "world's largest indoor waterpark" place that The Girls are quite excited about getting to go to) next weekend. The base cost of the vacation (hotel and car) comes to $350 ... so the cost of the party plus the trip will be about a wash with what we would have spent doing a party for her whole class. Needless to say, you don't have to GUESS which would be less stressful for The Wife and myelf!

I had about 20 hours of homework to get caught up with over the weekend ... and I'm only about 1/4 of the way through the READING part of it (haven't even fired up the laptop to work on the coding). So, I'm aticipating to be full back into big time sleep dep by the time Monday morning rolls around. Bleh. I guess once we're back from the party I'll have about 40 hours to work with before class time on Monday ... so I should be able to get caught up if I limit everything but working on homework. I do hope to maybe "take a break" during the Bears game to type up some more poems .... I'm still about a half a month behind in getting those typed up, and it's easier for me to transcribe poems while listening to the game than it is to get useful coding done!.

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B-Day Party Blues ...

Maaaaan ...

We had invited 8 kids to the party, had just one RSVP ... not a good sign, to be sure ... but we expected that SOME more folks would show. As it was we had Daughter #1, Daughter #2, and Daughter #1's "boyfriend" in attendance. NONE of the other kids even responded.

The boy's dad did suggest that this MIGHT be a "plan" by Daughter #1 (i.e., to have 1-on-1 playtime with him), but I just can't see her ditching the other invitations and just handing out that one! She's too into "loot" for that.

Fortunately, she wasn't too upset (we had to pay for a minimum of attendees, plus had bought other tokens, so she was able to go WILD with the machines) and seemed to have a good time. I would have been CRUSHED were it my party.

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