January 31st, 2003


Heh ...

I was just updating some old webmail accounts, of which I have dozens. The main reason that I have dozens is that when "easy.to" got swallowed up by "V3", I suddenly needed a 1-to-1 ratio of e-mail accounts to re-directs. I found an amusing thing when I got into the management page of http://hello.to/opportunity ... it seems that the V3 folks made good on some of the old easy.to "lifetime for free" domains (they sure screwed up on enough others!), by setting the "expires" date to 30-NOV-1899 ... heh, I guess I'm 103 years late on that renewal!

It was a real nightmare when V3 went "pay" ... since I had so many of them. I probably "lost" half of them in the transition (there were ones that I knew I had, but could not acccess to "buy" ... very frustrating!) and some keep surfacing here and there (I got three "expiration" notes on accounts that I hadn't seen or used in years this past month). It's nice to find that SOME of the old "easy.to" re-directs are still over there and working, though!

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