February 14th, 2003


Happy V.D. ... as it were

O.K., so I got inspired by eris's little behind-the-cut anti-valentines poem ... actually, this song had bubbled up in my head of its own volition the other day through a very odd set of free-associations ... Daughter #1 was going through kleenex like crazy and I suddenly thought "Fountain Of Boogers"/"Fountain Of Sorrow" and thought I really needed to re-write said sad song to express vast amounts of snot ... however it suddenly occurred to me that I really didn't know "Fountain Of Sorrow" but somehow the title had suggested itself ... then the context started to fill in as other lyrics drifted up to the surface in my mind ...
          yes i wish i was as mellow
          as for instance jackson browne
          but "fountain of sorrow" my ass
and I realized that my brain was playing back the Tonio K song "H-A-T-R-E-D" to me, from his classic 1978 album Life in the Foodchain!

Well, since eris can post an "anti-valentines" poem, so can I (thanks to Google and the folks at this page) ... posted behind a cut tag for the more sensitive readers of this space, and the fact that this does NOT reflect any current personal sentiment (unlike the year it came out, where it was a very to-the-point tune for me!) only a bit of wistful recall ...

Collapse )

Wheee! Wasn't that fun?

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In other news ...

I've been something of a slug today ... yesterday was one of those complicated days which I was going to post about last night but didn't. My "graduation" was last night, but the thing started at 5pm which made my schedule crazy. The local blood services have been trying to get me in to give blood, so I tried to wrap my day around that. I got out of the house (after dropping Daughter #1 at school at 9am, of course) at about 1pm ... swung by this little jewelry store on Oak St. to pick up a V.D. present for The Wife ... then hopped a bus down Michigan Ave. Unfortunately, my blood pressure was too high for them to take blood ... in fact, after "sitting quietly" for 10 minutes my lower number had gone UP 10 points ... go figure. These days it's been about an even shot if I can give or not due to my "typical" lower number being right around 100 (which is their cut-off level) ... since they were in an "emergency" for my blood type I figured they'd fudge on that (heck, with high blood pressure I fill up the bag real quick), but no-go. So, I went into "plan B" and checked at CompUSA for this program I'm looking for (a new program called PowerPDF which lets you "print to" a .pdf file from what ever application you're running, for about 1/5 of the cost of buying Adobe Acrobat) and then hit the Michigan & Chicago Walgreens to get the half-dozen or so Valentines Day cards I needed to pick up (The Girls to their mom, The Girls to Nana, me to The Wife, me to my mom) and a couple of little presents for The Girls to give their mom. At that point I had about 45 minutes before I needed to pick up Daughter #1, so I opted to hop the bus to go get Daughter #2 early ... we ended up making it back to #1's school with about 5 minutes to spare.

At this point I took them home, gave them a snack and started the difficult process of getting everybody "dressed fancy". This took all available time, and we headed out the door a few minutes after 5pm. We took a cab over to the place where "graduation" was happening, a very strange little club off in the industrial wilderness of Goose Island called "Slick's". The event went fine (fortunately The Wife eventually showed up, as I was getting tired of having to enlist folks to take #2 to the ladies room), and we were able to "escape" with one of my classmates who had driven there.

Anyway, once everybody else had gone off to bed, I had to go into "midnight present" mode ... going over to Jewel to get roses for The Wife ... it's always a challenge to "surprise" The Wife with flowers, as it usually requires running out in the middle of the night, fortunately, Jewel does a nice job in their floral department, and they're open all night. Also useful was discovering that Jewel had some wrapping paper that was at least suggestive of Valentines Day (Walgreens and Osco were stripped bare) to get the various gifties wrapped.

I also put together all the cards that #1 had picked up from Dojo (very smart, they had valentines that were "gift certificates" good for a free month and a free uniform for all the kids to hand out to their friends!) and then tried to go to bed. For some reason, this was just not happening, having those "need to get this done" sorts of dreams that just churned and churned. I then had to get up early to finish #1's cards (she had decided that a chocolate heart had to be attached to each), leaving just enough time for us to get through her homework and get her over to school.

Now, at no point last night or this morning did #1 seem to be feeling poorly, but round about noon I get a call saying that she's sick and I have to get pick her up. I wonder what this is about, since it would seem counter-intuitive that she'd be willing to miss Valentine's. Anyway, I dragged her over to my mom's and I'm about to go get #2 and head over there with her as well.

Is everybody else having a fun day too?

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Depressed ...

What a fucking bummer of a Valentines Day. Everything was pretty screwed up anyway, and then The Wife found out that she's probably not going to be getting this job that she was SO excited about. Turns out some asswipe manager over the position decided to prioritize the resumes according to other criteria than what everybody else involved was dealing with, which moved The Wife down from being the #1 candidate to being in the category "in case none of these other people work out".

This hit ME hard both from the aspect that we were really hoping for her to get this and it is JUST LIKE a job that I didn't get a couple of years back ... a restaurant group here was going to hire me to run their frequent diner program, and the personnel group was even going to create the position to play to my strengths, but some VP decided that they had to hire some "square peg for the square hole" and only wanted to deal with candidates who were in nearly identical jobs at other companies.

Damn these little-minded twits! This god-damned world is so fucked up.

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