April 26th, 2003


My latest resume ...

OK ... here's the current (and hopefully, final for this job search) resume ... I have two versions ready, one that's a nifty little piece of HTML and the other that's a not-quite-perfect .PDF file (I still have problems, not having the Acrobat encoder, in getting decent .pdf files out of my various documents, and this is the best that WordPerfect 9 will do via "publish to PDF" ... at least I got the settings right for it to save it as a graphic at 25k rather than the format with all the fonts at 275k!).

My resume, in HTML
My resume, in PDF

So ... if you know anybody that's looking to hire a Publicist / Publisher / Editor / Meeting Planner / Writer / Marketer / or Programmer in various languages, please point them to my info!!!

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