May 2nd, 2003


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Ah ... gotta love it when the sane folks start speaking out!
European backlash against anti-war movement ... Critics: 'Communist-pacifist' protesters motivated by politics, not morals
Here's a snippet:
""Why does this 'movement for peace' come out so intermittently" as "it is NOT true that the Iraqi conflict is the only one on the face of the earth that is supposedly upsetting an idyllic atmosphere of world peace." ... "There are at least 100 official and unofficial wars" [that] ... "do not make it to the headlines, do not impress the media, do not stir any rally, do not even deserve a few lines on the newspapers nor on any news agency." ... the only difference between violent conflicts that are protested against and those that are ignored was ... whether or not the conflict in question could be manipulated by "communist-pacifists" as part of a "veiled political maneuver.""

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