August 2nd, 2003


the new diet ...

OK ... so I started on the Lean Control™ weight management system today (well, last night ... with the Cleanse Tea). I have high hopes for my success with this, based on the stories I've heard from others using the system. While it's only been "officially" available since July 1, a number of employees and leading IBO's at Unicity were able to start on it early. Several of the employees have lost 50-60 lbs. in just three months on the system, and two of the leadership have had remarkable results as well. What I find encouraging is that the IBO leaders had never had ANY success with diets or even prescription meds for losing weight, and one of them has taken off 30lbs and the other dropped 6" off his waist in just the first month ... and both have said that staying with this is pretty much effortless.

I put on a LOT of weight last year while taking my I.T. courses, so I have a lot to drop ... I'm entering a contest the company is running for weight loss, and hope to do well enough with that to pick up some prize $$$. Of course, if I start dropping weight at a rate of 20lbs/month, people are going to notice, so I'll probably be able to sell a lot of it too!

I don't know if I want to bug folks with my "stats" on this as I go ... for the contest I had to go get a fancy-shmancy scale that measures percentage of body fat, so I have all sorts of data that I'll be collecting ... but I am considering doing regular updates with tables and charts and stuff (be forwarned ... obsessive behavior mode immanent!).

Anyway, I've completed my first daily cycle on this and it was no problem at all ... there are two packs of pills to take, one before either breakfast or lunch, and one before dinner, a "shake" to have (preferably in lieu of lunch, but you can also use it as a "snack"), and a tea to brew up just before bed. The only difficulty that I had was spacing out my regular supplements, as one of them (a complex of digestive enzymes) will break down one of the diet elements if it's not taken 2 hours apart from the packs, and one of the diet components will block the absorbtion of fat-soluble vitamins (like E) while it's active. I guess if I take my AM pack at breakfast, that gives me plenty of time for a middle-of-the-day pill time (along with my BiosLife2) and then another before bed..

Anyway ... wish me luck ... at this point my "ideal" weight is still 100lbs away!

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