August 4th, 2003


Bummer ...

I just found out that Jethro Tull is out on tour this summer, and they're doing two dates at Navy Pier in August ... both of which are already sold out! Drat! I was going to ask The Wife to get me those for my birthday. (sigh) ... Maybe I can still score tickets for Ian Anderson's solo tour in November ... he'll be here for one show, which does not appear to be on sale yet.

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Diet update ...

OK, OK ... so I've only been on it for two days ... but I'm "on target" for the range of weight loss that I was hoping for (20lbs a month). The reason that I felt like making a point of this was what I ate yesterday ... we ended up taking The Girls to Chuck E Chesse, stopping on the way (we take the El up to Fullerton and then transfer to the Fullerton bus to get there) at the legendary Demon Dogs for a hotdog and fries (and some cheddar fries for Daughter #1 ... shared with dad!) and then, of course, having pizza. Then last night The Wife whipped up a steak dinner, with steaks, baked potato, and corn. I did not skimp on anything yesterday and still lost weight! This is very encouraging for what might come on "regular" days when I'm not having all the outside-the-house foods.

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